Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What a Clown!

When our sweet girl asked to be a clown for halloween, I was NOT overly excited!

A clown, are you sure? What about something pretty & girly?
No, mommy, I am going to be a clown!
(This was the conversation we had about 20 times before Oct. 31st!)

She told everyone for months that she was going to be a clown. So, I set out to create the cutest clown costume I could think up. I found clown tutu's, but I still wasn't thrilled about the way they looked. My mom and I finally whipped this up, and I was happy with it. More importantly, MC LOVED IT! She wanted to dress up everyday. She was the sweetest clown, and I'm glad she insisted to be one!

The best thing is, it was super inexpensive...here's the breakdown:

* Tulle - 50% off Tulle on the roll at HL ($1.50/color)
* Elastic - $2.00 (HL)
* White Long Sleeve Shirt - $3 (Old Navy Clearance)
* Purple Squirt Flower - $1.00 (Dollar Tree)
* Clown Glasses & Nose Set - $1.00 (Dollar Tree)
* Suspenders - $8.95 (online)
* Tights - $8.50 (online)

We hope you had a great Halloween! Now, let's start planning for some Turkey!!!!


  1. Stop it! That baby is too cute! love the costume!

  2. I LOVE HER AND YOU for going with her clown theme! She is so darn cute!

  3. She's the cutest clown I've ever seen!!! Be glad for a clown. Makenna wanted to be a Ninja! I won that conversation... she was Supergirl! :)

  4. What a wonderfull picture!
    May ı use it for fundrising school project?
    Tnks! Ester