Thursday, February 26, 2009

Life with Marli Claire at 9 Months

This past weekend, our world was flipped upside down when Marli decided to grow up on us! It began when she started crawling. She wasn't even close to crawling one day, then the next, ALL OVER THE PLACE! Then, in the same day, I put her down for her morning nap. I heard her laughing on the monitor, so I tip-toed through the house, and peeked around the corner to her room. She was STANDING in her crib, laughing at her success! Standing? Yes, she was standing on two feet. How, how did this happen overnight? Still no teeth, but check back tomorrow, she might have her wisdom teeth in. Oh my, why can't she just stay a baby forever?

After reading A LOT of information about baby food, I decided to make homemade baby food for Marli, beginning at 6 months. We have now branched out from your ordinary veggies and fruits, to meat combinations. After we tried chicken, beef, and turkey, I decided to make her some fresh fish mixed with oranges and carrots. Great protein! As I was blending the combination, I noticed that it did have an extra ordinary aroma (as we like to use at Aveda). It didn't bother me too much, so I sent it to school with her. While at lunch with a couple of my co-workers, I ran in to the owner of her school, Cindy, and the two directors. They informed me that the fish stank up the entire school, and the teacher feeding it to her had to go home sick from the smell. WHAT? It's just cod! They asked of course the I not send it back. So, Marli Claire eats her fish at home. I must admit that it isn't the greatest smell in the world, but she LOVES it! We do have to feed it to her for dinner only, because even after a bath, she still smells a little "fishy." Aunt Sherri in particular loves to feed it to her!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Who is she wearing?

We are so incredibly blessed to have such a talented family!!! Marli Claire is wearing designs by SLY aka Sherri Lynn Youngblood aka Aunt Sherri! We had such a great time taking pics this weekend when everyone came up to visit Greenville. I should rephrase that, everyone EXCEPT Marli had a great time taking pics! Can you believe that she is 9 months old? Sometimes, I forget when people ask, and I tell them she is 6 months. Not surprising, seeing that I forgot that I was pregnant with her at times too. Another story for another day. Hope you all enjoy the recent pics!

Marli wasn't so sure that she liked touching the grass.

Baby, it's cold outside!