Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Jimmy's Announcement

If you've been wondering where Jimmy has been for the past few days, you'll be happy to know...

A week ago, Jimmy received this letter:

 He came to us and asked us how we felt about him taking a few days off, and we GLADLY told him to go. Before he left, I had to know, what happened in 1998? He hung his head and showed us this newspaper article:

After he shared his 1998 troubles with us, we wished him well in the Reindeer Games, and sent him on his way. It was the quietest three days we've had in a while! 

A few days later, he sent us news that he'd be returning soon, and that he'd metaled in the following events:


Then, I found this at Publix:

I worry that with this success, bad behavior may begin to creep in. I guess we'll see in a few days.


Friday, December 7, 2012

The "New" Jimmy?

Have you ever been in such a deep sleep that when you start to open your eyes, you have to figure out where you are and what day it is? That's what kind of morning I had. I opened one eye, peeked around the room, and it suddenly hit me...the aroma of a hot breakfast...JIMMY!!!! 

My first thought wasn't, "oh how sweet," with Jimmy, my first thought could only be, "is our house still standing?" I hurried to get my robe on, opened the bedroom door, and found this:

I couldn't wait to wake MC up so she could see that Jimmy had returned, but in the back of my mind, I wondered how Matthew would respond to the "new Jimmy!" 

Here are a few priceless shots of MC when she woke up to find him:


We all made it through breakfast in one piece. I wonder how long Jimmy will keep this up? TO BE CONTINUED...

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Heeeeeee's Back!

It's 3:04 am, Monday morning and my phone rings. I jumped up trying to 
figure out if I was dreaming or not. When I answered I heard, "You have a
collect call from, {Jimmy}, will you accept..." I started to hang up, 
then decided to go ahead and take it...out of curiosity alone. I guess I
expected to hear tears, shame, or some type of remorse on the other end
of the line, but instead, I heard tales of a country music wannabe that
were anything but remorseful. 
Once I finally got Jimmy to focus on the problem at hand, he begged us to 
come get him from the Nashville jail where he was being held on charges of 
disorderly conduct & assault and battery. Before I could get any more information 
out of him, I hearda gruff voice in the background yell, "times up elf!" Matthew 
and I decided to leave him locked up for the night to let him think about his 
actions. Against our better judgement, we headed up I-40 to bail him 
 When we arrived at the jail, we learned quickly that Jimmy had made
a name for himself there...not a bit surprising! We paid his bail, 
which the bailiff had to literally had to pry out of Matthew's hand. 
Jimmy received his belongings and we loaded him in the car to begin the 
very long, silent, drive home. Several times he tried to apologize, but 
he was quickly interrupted by Matthew saying, "too soon Jimmy, too 

When we were almost to Hendersonville, I heard Jimmy sniffling, 
then turned around to see tears rolling down his tiny, plastic face. He 
filled us in on the life he's been leading for the past year. (You know 
the last we heard, he was headed to his honeymoon spot...without the 
bride.) He started out by telling us that he had hit rock bottom with 
heartbreak. At his lowest point, he made a call, one that changed his 
life, he called Dr. Frank Page, his mentor, counselor, and friend. 

He flew to Franklin, TN to meet with Dr. Page and was greeted with kindness
and great hospitality from Dayle, who of course invited him to stay 
until he got back on his feet. As Jimmy told us his story, tears 
continued to flow. He said that he realized he lost focus of his dream, a
dream that he had kept secret his whole life...country music. 

He went on to say, "country music was a dream and it was a time when I 
desperately needed a dream, so I guess you could say that music saved my
life!" At that moment, I didn't find it necessary to point out that I 
knew he ripped that speech off from Adam Braverman, so I kept quiet and 
listened. I was so caught up in his story that I almost forgot that he 
was neglecting to mention why he was locked up. I quickly reminded him 
to get to the point. He held his head with shame when he recounted his 
actions for us of Sunday night. He said, "I was playing a gig at Ryman 
(by "at Ryman," he means on the steps outside) out in the audience (by 
"audience," he means the people walking by the steps) sat a heckler. 
“Will play (or get you on the “NICE” list) for food, $!”
 I tried everything, deep breaths, counting, meditation, but after 10 
minutes of harassment, I had enough. I took my guitar and I shov..." I 
immediately interrupted, "that's enough, I've heard enough." I explained
that he needed to get it together for MC's sake. He could focus on his 
career again once  December 25th came and went. He promised that he was 
turning over a new leaf and we'd see that he had changed once we'd all 
had a good night's rest. After all of that, Matthew still hadn't said a word.  

Thursday, September 27, 2012

DIY Short Cowboy Boots

Call me crazy, but I'm a tad obsessed with boots. I want a pair in every height, color, and style...specifically FRYE boots. Here's the problem, they are a bit pricey and by "bit," I mean ridiculous! I found these FRYE short boots the other day and fell in love, and since I didn't have several hundred dollars just hanging around, I decided to...wait for it....ok, I made them!

I was walking through Target the other day and found these beauties...perfect for the thoughts swimming in my head! (Scary, I know!)

All I needed to do is cut the tops off, gorilla glue the tops back on at the shorter length, sand them with sand paper for distressed look, then burn them in spots to discolor them a bit, and BAM!

 They aren't FRYE, but they'll do!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

California Girl

I have fallen in love with California! IN LOVE! If I could, I would move right now. Well, of course, I'd pack all of you up with me and then head out. Matthew had a couple of meetings a few weeks ago in a couple of parts of CA, so I tagged along. We used it as vacation, and it was better than I could have imagined.  Honestly, I wasn't overly thrilled when I found out that we wouldn't be laying on a beach somewhere hotter than Georgia asphalt from sun up to sun down, but I knew it would be an adventure. It was!  Here is our trip in photos (in no particular order):

Santa Monica Boulevard...believe me, I sang the song the whole week!

Malibu sand, people watching, beachin' it!

Red Velvet Ice Cream Cone...Sprinkles Ice Cream

First In-N-Out burger

San Francisco...Golden Gate, Alcatraz, Trolley Cars, Finding DJ Tanner's House

Notice the name, then notice the For Lease sign in the window.

Eating on the side of a cliff.

Our drive up the coast.

Pink's Hot Dogs...not worth waiting 2 hours for.

"I should go in and tell them how much I enjoyed their movie...you know Free Willy." - Matthew

Beverly Hills Farmer's Market...same as ours but with caviar.

My favorite place on earth...cupcake ATM?

Joshua's Tree National Park

When you start to complain about gas prices...

Trying to find a Kardashian

Los Angeles/Beverly Hills/Hollywood

Seal hangout

Hope that Matthew and I could have jobs if we moved to CA!

Friday, June 22, 2012

The DO's and DON'Ts of New Orleans...

Let’s start with the DON’Ts:

Don’t Take your 4 year old. Just don’t. 

Don’t use priceline to book your hotel…you’ll end up in The French Quarter, on Bourbon Street, with your 4 year old that you shouldn’t have brought. Just don’t. 

Don’t try to get those pretty beaded necklaces…they come with a cost. Just don’t. 

Don’t think that there are rules in New Orleans, because apparently they threw them all out the window along with their tops. Just don’t. 

Don’t open your eyes while walking on Bourbon Street…you’ll be scarred for life! Just don’t. 

Don’t eat the Gumbo if you have somewhere to be soon after. Just don’t. 

Don’t say, “yes, he is, “ (referring to your husband) when someone suggests “The Po’ Boy…” it’s a sandwich! Just don’t. 

Don’t open your door at midnight when the man is trying to beat it down all the while screaming profanities at you because he thinks you’re his cheating girlfriend! Just don’t. 

Don’t fret when everyone on your hotel floor is up in the hallway laughing and yelling at 4:00 AM…they aren’t up early, they just haven’t made it to bed yet. 

Don’t get confused with the one way streets…just know that whatever way you want to go, the street is opposite! 

Don’t eat the beignets! I examined these…several times (you know, for research) & have come to the conclusion that they use some kind of voodoo stuff to get you addicted ALMOST making you want to return to NOLA simply to indulge in the beignet! Just don’t.

There are more don’ts, but quit frankly, they aren’t “blog appropriate!” Now, for the DO’s

Do stay home, relax, and thank God that you aren’t in New Orleans! 

I’m serious! We did have a great time visiting with friends, and eating. Here are a few shots of our NOLA adventure. 

MC's first & last time on Bourbon Street...well, it better be anyway!

New Orleans Beignet
Breakfast with Friends
Who knew Matthew & MC could have so much fun at Anthro?

Where'd you get those beads missy?
I really don't know who is crazier!

The "official" Rollins Family travel candy!
Pucker Up
My Pretties

Throwing her coin in to make her wish to go home!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

2012 Family Easter Cake Winner

Before I announce the winner of this year's Easter cake decorating contest, I would like to show you Marli Claire's masterpiece.Obviously, it wasn't fair for her cake to be up for voting because Sassy helped her and it's awesome! MC insisted on a Babar (her favorite cartoon from 1980) cake, even though Sassy tried her best to change her mind and choose an adorable owl cake, Babar won. So, without further ado, here is our 2012 Honorable Mention:

and the winner of the 2012 Family Easter Cake Decorating Competition is...

Cake # 6: Swamp People

Andy...of course...again!

Cake 1- Austin Youngblood
Cake 2 - Matthew Rollins
Cake 3 - Allison Scott
Cake 4 - Ashli Fletcher
Cake 5 - Ches Youngblood
Cake 6 - Andy Youngblood
Cake 7 - Delecta Rollins
Cake 8 - Allison Poole
Cake 9 - Jon Scott

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Birthday Scavenger Hunt

I cannot put in to words how amazing my birthday was, so I decided to photo document my day. I'm sure you're shocked!

When I woke up this morning, I found a note underneath the birthday reminder I left Matthew ;) that was the sweetest compliment a woman could ever receive. As much as I strive to be, I cannot compare to the woman described in Proverbs 31, but I do appreciate my husband thinking that I am. Along with this was a card and my favorite Larabars on the counter.
The card mentioned that today was Scavenger Hunt Birthday and included an address and a time to be there.
If you know my husband, you know that he can get me in to some crazy stuff. Remember the vocal lesson he got me with Debra Byrd from American Idol? I don't know how he does it, but he does! Well, I didn't know what I was in store for. I'm not huge on surprises simply because there's no way to plan for them. I mean, what if it was a massage? A man doesn't think about the preparation that comes before a massage. You know? TMI? Sorry! You know what I mean! I like to be prepared. I like to know how to dress. If I over dress it sends the message, "oh, I thought you were taking me to High Cotton," but if I underdress, it says, "that poor girl didn't know that she wasn't supposed to wear her jeggings here." Even though I struggled with these thoughts all day, it was PERFECT!!!

I told MC that we were headed out on a treasure hunt, and she said, "we need a tent, a backpack, and a map!" She could have quite possibly been just as excited as I was. She also told me in the car that she thought we'd find: gold coins, a rooster, and a lion. I don't even ask anymore where she comes up with this stuff! Nevertheless, she was pumped!

11:25 AM - I pull in to Dr. Alpert, Hill, Caputo Dentistry where my mother in law works. She handed me a box of my favorite cupcakes from a cupcake shop that is conveniently located down the street from our house. (I thought it was a bit ironic that I got cupcakes at a dentist's office!) I also received a map with the next destination and clue, it said, "Find the King of Coke Zero."
12:00 PM - I knew immediately that I was looking for our friend, Chris Causey. As much as I like to pride myself in that fact that I am a Coke Zero Connoisseur, I don't even come close to Chris Causey and his Coke Zero. We get in the car and immediately head to our church, where Chris works. My sweet friend, Beth, gave us instructions to find the king in his office. He sat with a gold crown on his head, waiting for us to arrive. He not only had a cold can of Coke Zero waiting for me, but a twelve pack, crowns, and a video message with my next clue.
The video was made by my best friend, Jane, giving me my next clue. I seriously had to fight back tears, mainly because I knew how awkward it would've been for Chris! :) I was just overwhelmed with the hard work Matthew put in to this, and our friend's roles in it, and because I truly miss my sweet Jane so much! Here is the next clue...(the odd noise you hear is not only the HG Mockingjay call, it's also used to cover up the address of the next destination! :)

1:30 PM - Next stop, Matthew's grandmother's house. When we walked in, there were 33 balloons on the ceiling (32 and one to grow on) I had to pop them to find clues/surprises. Some of the notes were for me and some for MC. The notes revealed a surprise in the refrigerator for me and MC (a blackberry IZZE for me & a Sprite for MC). We don't usually let her have soda, so this was a treat! :) She also got a coloring book designed by her daddy! Then, I got the clue to the next destination...a map to the mall (like I needed that) and a note that said to buy what I wanted. I was a little nervous that Ashton Kutcher was going to pop out at this point and tell me that I was punked, but to my surprise, Ashton never came! I was also told to be at Francescas in the mall at 3:30 sharp. Hmm...

3:30 PM - After a hard day of shopping, I was browsing in Francescas, when I heard a familiar voice behind me. I turned to find my beautiful friend, Allison, holding a bag with my next clue...a map to the QT gas station and a menu with highlighted marks on it.  The menu was to a restaurant in Charlotte called, Cowfish, that I have wanted to try ever since The Bachelorette, Emily Maynard, tweeted that it was her favorite. (Sidenote: During her season on The Bachelor, Matthew repeatedly had to remind me that I wasn't really friends with Emily! I just felt like we were!) Oh, you're just now finding out that I am crazy? :) Anyway, it's a good thing that my REAL friend, Allison was there, because I needed her opinion on a couple of dresses that I surely didn't have time to try on, but did anyway. While I was in the dressing room, Allison snuck up to a different store to buy me this awesome yellow braided belt that complemented the navy/white striped dress that I was debating. If I would've had clothes on, I would have run after her, but I truly do appreciate the gift!

4:00 PM - (ok, it was 4:15 PM because of the dressing room incident) I met my pretty husband at the QT gas station where we began our journey to Charlotte, our final destination.  While Matthew drove, I "liked" every Happy Birthday message I received and was thankful for them, and then took a look at the highlighted marks on the menu. Matthew went through and highlighted all of the things on the menu that he thought that I'd like, which could've gotten messy had I been doing it. Everything sounded divine!

5:30 PM - We wait. Waiting on a Tuesday afternoon lets you know that the food must be good! Since we had already made up our mind on the ride over what we were going to eat, I decided to take a "few" pics of us. Twenty shots later, as people stared, Matthew had enough, but not I. I kept shooting with him looking away. It really helps the time pass quickly, you should try it next time you have a wait. Trust me, your significant other will LOVE it! So, the restaurant is named, Cowfish, because they serve burgers and sushi. Get it? Here is what we got:
1. Lobster and Crab Spring Rolls

2. The Deliverance Sushi Roll - Pulled Pork, BBQ Sauce, Bacon, and Coleslaw

3. The Filet Oscar Sushi Roll - Filet Mignon, Portebello Mushroom, Asparagus, Topped with a Crab Cake

4. Apple Pie Wontons Topped with a Caramel Sauce and served with Vanilla Ice Cream

There you have it...the absolute greatest scavenger hunt ever! I am so blessed to have the most unbelievable husband. I would also like to thank all of our friends and family who helped make this possible, and although that sounds like an Oscar speech, I am totally serious! You guys are so special to us and I am so thankful to call you friends!