Thursday, September 27, 2012

DIY Short Cowboy Boots

Call me crazy, but I'm a tad obsessed with boots. I want a pair in every height, color, and style...specifically FRYE boots. Here's the problem, they are a bit pricey and by "bit," I mean ridiculous! I found these FRYE short boots the other day and fell in love, and since I didn't have several hundred dollars just hanging around, I decided to...wait for it....ok, I made them!

I was walking through Target the other day and found these beauties...perfect for the thoughts swimming in my head! (Scary, I know!)

All I needed to do is cut the tops off, gorilla glue the tops back on at the shorter length, sand them with sand paper for distressed look, then burn them in spots to discolor them a bit, and BAM!

 They aren't FRYE, but they'll do!