Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 24 - Announcement

No explanation needed, you know where we are!

Well, here he is, on one knee. I never thought that I'd see this...Jimmy asked Ellie to marry him yesterday. Wedding information to follow.

We hope that you all can make it for the wedding celebration of the year!

Hang in their with us as Jimmy & Ellie prepare for their wedding day. We will see you back here a little later for more info.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 19, 20, 21, 22, & 23 - I'm embarrassed to say...

...that the reason we have been unable to post was because Jimmy was arrested! 

Jimmy decided to get in on the action in the North Pole and got himself arrested. We bailed him out shortly after he arrived, but he had already learned a lot while in the pen...thankfully, it wasn't bad!

He learned about mug shots of course, so he decided to try it out on MC while she was sleeping!

Jimmy actually even headed up a book club while locked up! He heard mention that MC once read this book, so they started with it.  The other inmates felt like it may benefit them in their upcoming parol hearings.  That Jimmy is such a leader!

At the North Pole Penitentiary, they make inmates take a sewing class to prepare for Christmas, and Jimmy didn't get out of it. I overheard him say that he was making a special surprise for Sassy on Friday. I don't know what this means, but he said, "She MUST beat Lohmar!" It must be some kind of elf code words?

Speaking of Christmas, Jimmy was just looking at the calendar and saw where Santa is coming this weekend! Can you believe it's almost here???

Jimmy has some exciting news to share with you all tomorrow evening! Come back to find out what it is!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 18 - Bad decisions.

Jimmy took a ride on Rody tonight. He said that it was nothin' compared to a wild reindeer! 

When Jimmy found the pack of Christmas Peeps, he made the bad decision to eat the whole pack. This was just not smart!

With every bad decision comes a big consequence. Jimmy traded the Peeps for the Pepto! One sick elf, one straw, and one bottle of Pepto is the result of this bad decision!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 17 - Settling Down

 Jimmy perched himself up on to MC's baby picture. I guess he just needed to be held? On a side note...isn't that a beautiful baby? (and a beautiful manly arm too!)
When we went to our friend's house tonight for a dinner date, we found Jimmy hanging out with their elf, Jingle. The resemblance is uncanny! MC was a tad confused with the similarities. They were just hanging out at The Hodges Home with the shepherds, wise men, a few animals, and baby Jesus.  You know, just a typical Tuesday night! 

He couldn't leave without a little snuggle time with Levi!

Many of you have been asking about Jimmy's dating situation since he got himself in a heap of trouble with the ladies of our house.  He has decided to settle down, and he chose none other than Ellie to settle down with.  I, personally, cannot think of a better match for him. Honestly, I can't believe that he got her to settle down!  I wonder how long this will last.

Day 16 - Missing Rudolph

Jimmy has been slacking on his elfly duties lately, and a lot of it has to do with a little thing called...PINTEREST! Let me guess, you're thinking, "I really need to follow him!" He's pinning left and right, and getting super inspired! SCARY!

Speaking of inspiration...Jimmy's little stunt he pulled tonight was inspired by a special friend back home that Jimmy is really missing. I guess that painting MC's nose red might make him feel closer to Rudolph in some weird way? One thing is for sure, I can't wait to capture the look on MC's face when she wakes up to see this!

Come back tomorrow to see for yourself what that candid moment looks like! 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 15 - What have I come home to?

I was out of town last night, and all I could think about was how much trouble Jimmy was getting in to without my supervision.  I was about to find out...
When I drove into the driveway, I noticed that our mailbox had been vandalized. He painted over our name, then replaced it with his.  This was not the only thing he changed...

I tried unlocking the front door, only to realize that the locks had been changed. Jimmy was in the window with that smirk on his face, waving as to say, "see ya later, this is my house now!"

After changing the locks back and removing the paint from our mailbox, we got our house back in order. Momma is home and not going to put up with this mischief! Come back soon to see how long Jimmy stays out of trouble.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 14 - Don't mess with Jimmy!

When MC found Jimmy stuck in the paper towels, she said, "What in the...mommy, what's the word I can say?" She learned the word, "heck," at school. That world sounds so terrible coming from a 3 year old's mouth, so I don't let her use it. Then she remembered, "What in the world is Jimmy doing in the paper towels?" I love how funny she is when she finds him!

 I found Jimmy hustling money from an innocent baby bear tonight. Ridiculous! Don't let that creepy little smirk on that elf's face fool you...

MC has been having nightmares lately. I don't really know what's going on. A few nights ago, I had to kill an invisible spider. You'll do what you have to do at 3:00 AM to get back to sleep as quickly as possible! Well, Jimmy took it upon himself to "protect" MC from any invisible attackers. With shotgun in hand, Jimmy perched himself on top of MC's bed to take watch. (For those momma's who are thinking that I am a terrible mom for letting MC see Jimmy with a shotgun...I'm crazy, but not that crazy! Jimmy moved before MC woke up.)

We'll see you back here tomorrow night...or else!

Friday, December 9, 2011

2011 Rollins Family Christmas Card

We took our photos over my mom's front yard. I'm sure the neighbors think we are CRAZY! My mom helped me change the buttons on my $15 coat to hot pink satin, she also helped me turn a boy's tshirt in to a cute cardigan for MC. I painted three sheets of sheetrock with black paint. My sister, Sherri, painted the mistletoe and quote bubble for us! She and my nephew's girlfriend, Ashli, took a zillion pics trying to get just one great one.  We actually had a hard time choosing which photo to use, and we wanted to share the "others" with you too. So, here they are:

These are just a few more that were just fun!

We hope that you enjoyed our photos as much as we have! We are so blessed to have an amazingly talented family that can help us create fun memories.

Day 13 - "It's so hard to say goodbye..."

Jimmy had a blast in Tifton, I mean, who wouldn't? There's just so much to do that he actually had to make a "Tifton To Do List," to make sure it was all done. And, like his great mentor (Santa) taught him to do, Jimmy checked it twice. Once he completed everything on his list, it was time to head back to Greenville.

Tifton decided that it was going to try this "winter" thing at the last minute and changed from 80 degrees to 40 degrees in one day. Jimmy said that it would be too cold on his Harley Davidson, so he opted to ride back in the car.  MC was so excited to see Jimmy buckled up and ready to go.

When we got home, Jimmy went straight in before we (MC) knew it, and was watching Peppa Pig (one of MC's favorite). He just loves the English accent and the snorts too! It was a long day, and he is glad to be back "home." 

I'm nervous to find out what tricks he has up his sleeve next.  We'll see you right back here tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 12 - Repercussions of Day 11

Day 12 is a continuation from Day 11. If you need a Day 11 refresher, click here.

The result of the Lemon Cheese cake.

After Jimmy felt a little better, he knew that he had to clean up the mess he made. MC was furious! She said, "Jimmy needs to sit in time out!"

So, Jimmy did.  He'll be sitting there for a while!

Tomorrow, we head back home! I'm nervous to even say that with only a few hours left in Georgia, Jimmy surely can't get in to that much trouble...right?

Day 11 - Jimmy Caters

Since we are visiting my mom, and she is a caterer, Jimmy wanted to show her his skills in the kitchen. What would he make? Well, he turned to the only place he knew to turn...Southern Living Desserts!

He made a huge mess! He mentioned that he had been craving a Lemon Cheese Cake, but I didn't think that Lemon Cheese had hot sauce or chocolate syrup in it.  He got all of his ingredients mixed and in to his cake pans. I can't imagine how this is going to turn out!

Jimmy is not very patient when it comes to sweets, he kept checking on it every few minutes, willing it to be done.

Finally, it was complete, and I have to admit, I didn't expect it to turn out like this. Apparently, it was really good, because Jimmy ate almost all of it before realizing that he was feeling extrememly sick.

What will MC say about this mess? Will Jimmy get sick? Will he finish the cake off? Come back tomorrow to find out! To be continued...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 10 - Road Trip!!!

Today was the day that Jimmy had been waiting for...a road trip to MC's "hometown!" (It drives Matthew crazy for me to say that! :) Anyway, Jimmy studied the map very closely so that he could get here before we arrived. Before we left our house, MC went from room to room looking for Jimmy, but couldn't find him anywhere. I assured her that he was already on his way to Georgia.

Jimmy hopped on his Harley, and road in to town right before we got here. We just assumed that he flew. Who knew that he would drive a Harley?  It definitely fits his, "ladies man," attitude!

When we got to Nunny's house, the first thing MC wanted to do was look for Jimmy. She started searching high and low, and eventually found him in Nunny's Christmas tree. He had his arm around, what looked to be a girl. He said, "don't freak out, it's just an ornament!" I told him that he was playing with fire. He is going to end up in a mess again. If he thought being tied up with lights was bad, he has no idea! You don't mess with South Georgia girls!

I cannot imagine what kind of trouble he's going to cause in Georgia!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 9 - Psalm 68:20

Jimmy had a rough night last night. If you will remember, the girls rallied together & bound him with Christmas Lights and duct tape...a night Jimmy will never forget. After a night like that, things can go two ways: you can learn from your past or you can keep going. Jimmy woke up, scared to death & decided to make a change, well, for today anyway!

He began by watching an online sermon for guidance.

He dove into God's word. After searching and searching, he found exactly what he needed...Psalm 68:20.

"Our God is a God who saves; from the Soverign LORD comes escape from death!" Psalm 68:20

Then he knelt down & asked for, "escape from death!"

I hope Jimmy has turned over a new leaf, but we shall see. Come back tomorrow to find out how long this will last!