Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Paci Postponement

So, the paci removal has been postponed due to illness of the paci princess. Friday night, MC got really sick, I mean SICK! I will spare you the details. Anyway, by 5:00 AM Saturday morning, we were sitting in Greer Memorial. Of course, she was over it a few hours later and back to her old self, but I couldn't bring myself to take her paci away after that ordeal. She pulled out all of her tricks to keep her "baci." I thought that I'd share a pic from Saturday morning so that you could share in our experience. (she didn't have to wear the mask, we just knew that the grandparents would feel more sorry for her if we sent them this pic)! She was saying, "cheese" behind the mask!

I will keep you updated on the paci removal!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Contest - MC's "baci"

If someone could understand how much easier life would be for me, they would invent this "paci patch." I only hear the phrase, "Mommy, I need my "baci." I really NEED it!" a few hundred times a day. For those of you who don't know what a "baci" is, please see the following definition.

baci (noun) - pronounced (bah*see) - Marli Claire's pacifier. (NOTE - she cannot pronounce her p's yet!)

To be honest, if I would have taken the paci away six months ago, I wouldn't be in this mess that I've gotten myself into. MC wasn't even attached to it then. Oh but now, now, it is her best friend. And now, it is time for momma to break up this friendship. I don't really understand why she is attached to it, she doesn't even suck it, she just rolls it around on her tongue. It's actually pretty gross! There have been many stares, fingers pointed, and comments made about the "unique" way MC enjoys her "baci."

I really didn't think much about taking it away until several people started making comments to me in stores. They would start by asking how old she is. Then ask, "oh and she still has a paci?" Ok, so, I admit that I see kids in stores and think the same thing, but NEVER have I actually said those words to anyone, much less a stranger. I mean, it's not like she's 12 years old! I must have sucked my thumb until I was 12. (no comments needed here!)

Well, it's that time, we are giving the paci up. I've decided that this Saturday will be the day. We would appreciate your thoughts and prayers as Saturday is quickly approaching! So, here is the fun part, we have heard many ways that other parents have used to take "paci" away. Things such as "another baby needs it, and you are actually helping a sweet baby by giving your paci away" as they mail the paci to the new baby. Another method we have heard is poking a hole in the paci so it flattens when the child sucks it, resulting in dislike of the paci. (this method doesn't work if your child doesn't actually suck the paci!) Probably the wierdest method we have heard to date is to tell the child that a squirrel came and took the paci up in a tree. Yes, I do understand that all of these methods mentioned are deceitful, but what is a momma to do? Here is where you come in, Matthew and I are choosing the best idea left in the comments section below. What does the winner get? The pure satisfaction of helping us raise our child! So, get to posting, we need your help!

Check back Saturday to find out who wins and how effective the method is! We will have actual video footage!

We held a final photoshoot with MC's "baci," and as you can see, she is mighty proud of it!!!

If you are thinking, "is she not even going to mention the fact that she hasn't blogged since August?" This part is for you! LIFE!!! That is all I can say! But, I'm back and ready to blog! Thank you all for nagging me about being slack!