Monday, March 16, 2009

Marli's Music

Marli loves music ALMOST as much as I do. Everytime music comes on, she freezes! The sweetest thing is when I start singing around the house or in the car, she gets the biggest smile on her face, almost like she is proud of me. I LOVE IT! Move over Mom and Matthew, Marli might just be my biggest fan now. Anyway, I got a little carried away for a minute. The purpose of this blog was to show Marli's sweet skills on the morracas. When I took Marli to school the other day, the music teacher was there, so I used it as the perfect Kodak moment. As you can see, Marli is looking at me, smiling. When she hears my camera power on, she automatically poses and smiles. She probably thinks that her mom is part of the papparazzi as much as I take pics. I just love her school. She attends Legacy Academy where she does baby yoga, spanish class, and music. Although her teacher says that she is her best yoga client, music is her thing! What a wonderful life, to be 10 months old again.

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Michelle Y said...

Hi Delecta! I didn't know Marli had graduated into the 2nd classroom...I'll have to look for her through the windows when I drop off Jamie3. Don't you just love those maracas!?!