Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Clergy Appreciation Month

Today is a sad day for the three of us (well, two of us, MC doesn't understand). Our pastor resigned from the church to begin a new journey with the North American Mission Board. Dr. Page is not only a pastor to us, he is our friend. He is such a wise man, and NAMB will be blessed to have him become part of their staff.

I will never forget the first Sunday that Matthew and I visited TFBC together, we were trying to sneak out of the side door so we didn't have to talk or shake hands with pastor. (sad, but true). He sought us out as we were sneaking, to introduce himself to us, then called us that week to get to know us better. What a pastor! If you think he is awesome, you should meet his incredible wife. (talk about "better half").

Anyway, on to explain the post title, Happy Clergy Appreciation Month. I just found out that October is the National Clergy Appreciation Month. I know this isn't a holiday that we bring out cake and party hats, but it is the time set aside to let your pastor know how much you appreciate him. Dr. Page, you mean so much to us! Thank you for leading our church with passion. We will miss your teaching, your personality, and oddly enough, we will miss you throwing tortilla chips at us at the mexican restaurant. You will be greatly missed by all, and you will always be Marli Claire's "Papa Page." We love you and Mrs. Dayle very much!

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The Hudgins said...

namb was blessed to have me as part of their staff too! :)
and i DO appreciate my clergy. i kiss him daily and I even had his two sons ;) hee hee.
what's his new position he the new pres????????