Friday, December 24, 2010

2010 Christmas Card

(click on the card for a larger view)

My oldest nephew's girlfriend, Ashli, took our photos for our Christmas cards this year. She did an amazing job! Ashli is so talented, and I am excited to show off her work. The only thing I want her to work on is photoshopping about 40 pounds off my body. She said something about, "photoshop doesn't have that action," but I personally believe that they could sell more if they had the "Photoshop Liposuction Action." I'm just sayin'!

Back to the card, many of you have asked if we are homeless because we have a bed outside. While, there have been a few times that I thought we would be homeless, and several more times that I thought Matthew was going to be homeless (Matthew, IF you are reading this, I am only kidding! :), we still have a home, and we do sleep indoors. Thanks for all of your concern!

I thought I would share a few of the pics that didn't make the "2010 Rollins Family Christmas Card" cut!

The next photo simply didn't make the cut due to my "new-growth," aka ROOTS! The good thing is, that I've always said, "you can't trust a hair-stylist with perfect hair," and I sure don't have perfect hair! You may be thinking to yourself, "I wonder why you can't trust a hairstylist with perfect hair?" If we have perfect hair, then we have too much time on our hands. If we have too much time on our hands, it means that we aren't busy. If we aren't busy, we most likely aren't doing something right, if you know what I mean! Get it?
p.s. - I did get my hair colored soon after this photoshoot!

I love this next photo, but you all know that I've mentioned my OCD on here before, and it was in rare form on this particular day. I just couldn't have two different colors on the card. Some of you will understand! I love what she did with the lights!

So, if you happen to be in Tifton, Georgia, and you need some pics, you would be crazy not to call Ashli! She didn't even have to pay me to say that!

Also, many have asked about the bed. No, we are not ever going to sell it! We were given this bed and the pieces that accompany it by some family friends of ours. Isn't it gorgeous? You will see it again soon, when I post pics of MC's new "big-girl" room. You may not recognize the bed, it is now a lovely shade of light aqua. Post coming soon! Yes, I PROMISE!!!

Until next time, Merry Christmas Eve!


Lane Moore said...

what an awesome Christmas card! Your family is so beautiful! Merry Christmas!

amothersjourney said...

What a great post! You make me laugh! Merry Christmas Eve to you as well! We love you and your family!