Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tutorial: DIY tshirt to tank

Warning: if you or any of your loved ones have a love for Thomas Kincaid art, creepy kittens, or owns one of the items displayed in this blog post, I'm apologizing in advance for what you are about to read!

As soon as I saw two of my friends in this photo, I knew what I had to do. 
 I was certain that the only reason they didn't purchase these tshirts was because they didn't fit, and being the great friend that I am, I didn't want them to miss the opportunity of owning these and being able to share them with the world! In fact, I will be joining these two on a trip to London in a few months. What better way to show off this art than to millions and millions and millions of people from around the globe at the summer Olympics? and that's exactly what I wold call these, they aren't just tshirts, they are two of the worlds greatest masterpieces. The good thing is that Lindsey and Kristen are sisters and can share the shirts. Another great thing is that they have another sister, Haleigh, who I expect to see in one of these too. Even Momma Sheila could get in the action, I personally think she'd look extra lovely in the Thomas Kincaid print.

I would like to point out the odd fact that I had to drive to three different Walmarts to find the kitten shirt. How many people are walking around Greenville wearing this shirt?

A while back, I "pinned" a DIY tank from a tshirt on Pinterest, and remembered it when I saw them sporting these two beauties. So, here is the finished product!


 To read the tutorial (which is super fast and easy) click here!

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