Thursday, June 28, 2012

California Girl

I have fallen in love with California! IN LOVE! If I could, I would move right now. Well, of course, I'd pack all of you up with me and then head out. Matthew had a couple of meetings a few weeks ago in a couple of parts of CA, so I tagged along. We used it as vacation, and it was better than I could have imagined.  Honestly, I wasn't overly thrilled when I found out that we wouldn't be laying on a beach somewhere hotter than Georgia asphalt from sun up to sun down, but I knew it would be an adventure. It was!  Here is our trip in photos (in no particular order):

Santa Monica Boulevard...believe me, I sang the song the whole week!

Malibu sand, people watching, beachin' it!

Red Velvet Ice Cream Cone...Sprinkles Ice Cream

First In-N-Out burger

San Francisco...Golden Gate, Alcatraz, Trolley Cars, Finding DJ Tanner's House

Notice the name, then notice the For Lease sign in the window.

Eating on the side of a cliff.

Our drive up the coast.

Pink's Hot Dogs...not worth waiting 2 hours for.

"I should go in and tell them how much I enjoyed their know Free Willy." - Matthew

Beverly Hills Farmer's Market...same as ours but with caviar.

My favorite place on earth...cupcake ATM?

Joshua's Tree National Park

When you start to complain about gas prices...

Trying to find a Kardashian

Los Angeles/Beverly Hills/Hollywood

Seal hangout

Hope that Matthew and I could have jobs if we moved to CA!

Friday, June 22, 2012

The DO's and DON'Ts of New Orleans...

Let’s start with the DON’Ts:

Don’t Take your 4 year old. Just don’t. 

Don’t use priceline to book your hotel…you’ll end up in The French Quarter, on Bourbon Street, with your 4 year old that you shouldn’t have brought. Just don’t. 

Don’t try to get those pretty beaded necklaces…they come with a cost. Just don’t. 

Don’t think that there are rules in New Orleans, because apparently they threw them all out the window along with their tops. Just don’t. 

Don’t open your eyes while walking on Bourbon Street…you’ll be scarred for life! Just don’t. 

Don’t eat the Gumbo if you have somewhere to be soon after. Just don’t. 

Don’t say, “yes, he is, “ (referring to your husband) when someone suggests “The Po’ Boy…” it’s a sandwich! Just don’t. 

Don’t open your door at midnight when the man is trying to beat it down all the while screaming profanities at you because he thinks you’re his cheating girlfriend! Just don’t. 

Don’t fret when everyone on your hotel floor is up in the hallway laughing and yelling at 4:00 AM…they aren’t up early, they just haven’t made it to bed yet. 

Don’t get confused with the one way streets…just know that whatever way you want to go, the street is opposite! 

Don’t eat the beignets! I examined these…several times (you know, for research) & have come to the conclusion that they use some kind of voodoo stuff to get you addicted ALMOST making you want to return to NOLA simply to indulge in the beignet! Just don’t.

There are more don’ts, but quit frankly, they aren’t “blog appropriate!” Now, for the DO’s

Do stay home, relax, and thank God that you aren’t in New Orleans! 

I’m serious! We did have a great time visiting with friends, and eating. Here are a few shots of our NOLA adventure. 

MC's first & last time on Bourbon Street...well, it better be anyway!

New Orleans Beignet
Breakfast with Friends
Who knew Matthew & MC could have so much fun at Anthro?

Where'd you get those beads missy?
I really don't know who is crazier!

The "official" Rollins Family travel candy!
Pucker Up
My Pretties

Throwing her coin in to make her wish to go home!