Sunday, May 24, 2009

Marli's New Ride

My mom bought Marli Claire a Little Tikes 4-wheeler for her birthday. She LOVES her ride! She would literally ride all day, if possible. If she could only figure out how to steer, life would be much easier. Enjoy this clip of her driving!

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The Hudgins said...

she totally drives like her mama! remember when we were 16, we would take both our cars everywhere b/c we both wanted to drive...and your lil honda would get stalled out because it was a 5 speed...and we'd be at a red light and you'd be freaking out because the honda was stalled. ohhhh, good times. i guess when gas is 79 cents a gallon we could afford to take two cars everywhere. we were so crazy. she is beautiful delecta, ya'll are so blessed.