Friday, July 24, 2009

Granny Beaded Neck

I have never in my life heard of "Granny Beads," until my sister told Marli Claire that she had them at Cirque Du Soliel (she played so hard outside that day). I googled "granny beads," and this is what it said:
This was taken from an interview with a country music singer, who sings about "granny beads."
"Well my grandma would always come work [in the gardens] ... Granny beads are what they're called when a grandma works the garden all day -- you always see them -- they have a handkerchief around their neck with a lot of dust on them, and then the sweat will go down and make these black beads of sweat and dirt around their neck. And that's what they call granny beads."
While I am certain that this won't be the last time my sweet child has "granny beads," I sure will pay closer attention from now on. Please tell me that I am not the only one on earth who didn't know about "granny beads."


Dani said...

Ha! I know about Granny brother used to get those all the time!

Anonymous said...

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