Monday, August 10, 2009

EMEALZ - This is unbelievable!

This is one of those things, you read about and want to kick yourself for not thinking of it first. These people are probably millionaires, and here we are scraping by. I'm still thinking of something awesome that I can invent.
So, what is it?

Thanks Jonny and Allison Scott for this incredible idea! EMEALZ is a weekly menu guide for busy moms and/or frugal families. You choose your plan (regular menu, low-fat, low-carb, menu for 2, etc.), log on, and print off your weekly menu. You choose your favorite grocery store, and it will print off your aisle by aisle grocery list for you. It also chooses the menus for the week according to your grocery store coupons and specials. You average an $86/week grocery bill. THIS IS CRAZY! Sometimes, I feel like I get stuck in a rut with what to cook. You know you have Spaghetti at least once a week too!

So, to sign up, it cost $15/3 months ($1.25 week). Go to Type in this coupon code for $2.50 off the $15/3 month price. (Coupon code: DAVE)

***FYI: Dave Ramsey endorses this!***


Dani said...

Hmmm, I will have to check this out!

LeAnne said...

Delecta - THANK YOU for posting this!! I am on cloud 9 right now. I have randomly checked out your blog a couple times and am so glad I did today (thanks to your facebook status this morning...haha) I recently started a budget for us, and so far "FAIL" at the grocery store. This is heaven sent! I'm so signing up and passing the word along. Please keep the money saving tips coming!! Hope you are Matthew are well. LeAnne and Cooper.