Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's a jungle out there!

Matthew and I took MC to the Greenville Zoo on Monday. I didn't know if she would even notice the animals or not. She said, "whoa," and "oooo," everytime she saw an animal move. She especially loved the orangutan and the loud birds.

I haven't made a video in a while, so I decided to arrange the pics from the zoo in video form. Hope you enjoy!

***Matthew did mention that one of the pics that I labeled as a gorilla is not a gorilla, it is an orangutan. What in the world is the difference? I don't know!***


Dani said...

Delecta, I don't work on Mondays or you have time off? We should do a play date!

It's a Mom Thing said...

We went to the zoo last week and theEdge loved it, too! He loved watching the animals and would say, "oooohhhhh" "oh boy" and make animal noises. This is such a fun stage, huh?

W and Js mommy said...

I'm sure she even has a ZOO dress! :) Love it! Jay LOVES THE ZOO!