Wednesday, July 7, 2010

An afternoon with a song Byrd!

Tuesday, Matthew surprised me with a vocal lesson with vocal coach, Debra Byrd, of American Idol. I didn't know whether to be mad at him or thank him. Many have asked how in the world he got her to agree to work with me. I would like to say that he contacted her once and she miraculously jumped for joy to hear me sing. I think you can tell by my sarcasm that didn't happen. No, he pestered and pestered and pestered her until she finally agreed. It was (1) have him arrested for harassment or (2) just spend an hour with me. Thankfully, she chose #2.

As many of you know, I have taken a 2 year singing sabbatical. Don't ask why, because I couldn't tell you. Byrd worked with me for an hour and half, and as she said, it was a counseling session more than a vocal session. My challenges are in my head. I allow others to help me decide whether I'm a "good" singer or a "bad" singer. I also get physically sick before I sing. This is not normal. While singing with a group in college, I had the privilege to sing in front of thousands several times a week, and never felt this way. After college, something happened in my mind, and nerves set in. Right now, some of you reading this post are thinking, "she doesn't need to worry about that if she is singing for the Lord." (said with a Betty Baptist voice) Ok, I DO know that! Anyway, now that you all know my life's singing story, I will move on.

She shared with me, exercises that I can do to calm my nerves. She said that singing more and more will help with my insecurities and that when she checks in on me, I had better be singing. I like to think that Byrd and I are BFF now, although I highly doubt she is blogging about me. She is such a cool lady! It was such an honor to be able to work with her.

I am thankful for a husband who: drove me crazy for 2 years because he thinks I'm the greatest singer in the world, prayed for the Lord to take my talent away and give it to him if I didn't start using it, and who would pester this lady behind my back until she agreed to work with me. Thank you Matthew. I AM BLESSED!

P.S. - Thank you to my sweet friends Jonny and Allison too!


It's a Mom Thing said...

awww, what a sweet (and crazy persistent) husband.

i'm proud of you for singing again simply because i missed your singing. you have such a soulful alto voice and i like it! looking forward to hearing it more often.

and, i know, you were going to include me and maybe even corletta in this post. but you wanted to keep it in the family and framily. i totally understand the impact i had on you, so it's all good. LUV YA!

Andrea said...

That is so awesome Delecta. I totally understand what you said about physically getting sick. I do that when I play the piano in front of others. God has truly blessed you with a gift He wants you to share. Keep singing girl! By the way, Matthew is a great hubby! :) Aren't we blessed?

second breath said...

girl that's awesome! I bet you were super nervous! I would love to hear you sing sometime. It's such a cool talent to have!

Corletta said...

Ma'am....I'm just sayin...I'm signing you up for something!!! I can still hear your WONDERFUL voice in my head from good ole NGU days!!! What a breath of fresh air!! Anyways...I'm glad that you were able to do this. What a neat experience!!!

The Hudgins said...

you are my alltime favorite singer. i used to get super stoked every time i knew you were singing in church, or chorus in highschool, or whatever. i miss your voice, and you.
so glad you had this opportunity.