Monday, July 26, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Coffee aka My In-Laws

Yes, I’ve been sneaking around and getting a daily dose of Starbucks. Yes, I know it’s wrong! Yes, I am going to change. And, yes, I have ANOTHER plan!

My plan = coffee at home (FOR REAL)
My challenge = no coffee pot

In December, Matthew and I had friends over for a Hot Chocolate Bar. I had the bright idea of using our Senseo Coffee Maker to make hot chocolate. You may think that this isn’t a big deal. Well, I use milk in my hot chocolate instead of water. So, milk got stuck in the tubing and soured, so needless to say, I threw away our Senseo. How in the world am I going to make coffee at home without a coffee maker?

My father-in-law is the biggest coffee drinker that I know. He has HOT coffee in 100° weather. I have actually witnessed him fall asleep on several occasions with a mug of coffee in his hand. Surely, he has an extra coffee pot lying around some where, right? I asked and sure enough he did. Matthew went to pick it up last night so that I would stop spending $3.40/day on coffee, but still get my fix. The coffee pot was no where to be found. While out to eat with two girlfriends (Allison and Rachel, I had a blast!), my sweet in-laws brought over a brand new coffee maker, coffee filters, and none other than Starbucks ground coffee. They are amazing! While I NEVER expected this gift, it is very much appreciated.

Thank you, Eddie and Elizabeth for this very thoughtful gift. You did NOT have to do that for me. I hope you know that we appreciate you very much!!! Your new nicknames? Mr. and Mrs. Coffee in reference to my new Mr. Coffee coffee maker!


The Hudgins said...

we started brewing our own @ work and now have a complete coffee bar with tons of flavored creamers and whipped cream. there is a starbucks soooooo close to our office (on campus!) but we're doing so good brewing our own.
good luck! congrats on the new coffee pot....remember, no milk!!!

Andrea said...

I agree... your in-laws are awesome! Enjoy that coffee! :)