Thursday, September 24, 2009

Random Ramblings 1

I have random thoughts everyday, some I think about more frequently than others. Honestly, I keep them to myself because they are outrageous! Surely others have these thoughts too. It can't just be me. Right?

I said all of that to say this, I think I will start sharing some of them. (Right now, my sister Sherri is saying, "NO NO, please NO!") But, I'm gonna! I am going to entitle each of them Random Ramblings. I will post them when they come to me.

For instance, last week, one of my guests (Aveda word for client) and I were talking about cleaning our ears out. No, this is not usual conversation in the salon, but that isn't the point here. I have thought about it everyday since. I LOVE CLEANING MY EARS!!! Now, for those of you who are thinking at this very moment of posting a comment about the harm in cleaning your ears out with Q-tips, DON'T! I already know. SIDE NOTE: I actually had to have my right ear cleaned out by a doctor my senior year of high school because of using Q-tips. I had temporarily lost the hearing in my right ear. I will spare you the details, but I must say that It was well worth it. There is just something about walking in to the bathroom, taking the top off of the jar, pulling out that beautiful white cotton tip, and cleaning my ear. I'm embarrassed to admit, that it happens to be one of the highlights of my day. Sad I know! I know that I have a simple life when the highlights of my day are:

1. Spending time with my husband AT HOME!
2. Loving on my beautiful little girl.
3. Listening to online sermons on my lunch break!
4. Chatting with my mom on the way home from work. (and cracking up with my bro-in-law Andy over Blackberry Messenger)
5. Reaching in the fridge for a ice cold can of Coca-Cola Classic.
6. Cleaning my ears with Q-tips!

What in the world has happenned to me? I don't know, but I love it! Back to the Q-tips! Why does it feel so good? Why am I addicted? I want to know, are you addicted too?


Sherri said...

You're correct...I am saying no, no, NO just as I'm reading these crazy ramblings. You've completely crossed over into the deep end this time...and you know you've only encouraged Andy to send more of his silly messages!

It's a Mom Thing said...

Ok, for the longest time all through high school, college, and even into married life I would use 2 q-tips every morning to clean out my ears. Finally, a doctor told me that I didn't need to clean them that often b/c having some wax in my ear was good for me. I still did it for a while, but then slowly stopped. And now I only clean them out every few weeks.

Don't you feel like you know me a little bit better now? I feel that way about you!

abbigirl said...

travis loves to clean his ears too! he has memories of laying his head on wanda's lap as a kid and her using baby oil and a qtip to do his ears. WHAT??? I know it's weird, but also kind of sweet. I think he's even used the curved end of a safety pin. It's a sickness. not sure if that makes you feel better or worse, but i'm looking forward to future ramblings. :) love ya!

Lauren said...

you know you're not supposed to clean out your ears with q-tips, right? oh wait, I wasn't supposed to say that, was I?

As wrote by Lori Turner said...

I admit it too...I love q-tips and yessss i know I shouldn't use them, but darn it I still use them. I also love the fact your going to do random ramblings, keep them coming!!! Have a great Friday, Love ya!!!

Dani said..., I'm not addicted to q-tips, but i used to know a girl that was. So, at least you know you aren't alone :)
Are we going to try to play this Monday?

Andrea said...

I'm a Qtip girl. Always had ear problems. Had them candled once and doctor cleaned probably 5 or more times in my life.

I love Random Ramblings. I guess my biggest problem is picking. When I try to pick the hair off Randy's ears, he says that I should have been a monkey. :)

The Hudgins said...

i like to remove ingrown toenails. i get them a lot and there's nothing like the relief of being able to get one out.