Monday, September 21, 2009

An Unexpected Gift

TRUE STORY! Matthew’s birthday was September 9th. You know, when you want to buy your spouse something for his birthday, it feels weird using the debit card to buy it, right? If your husband is like mine, he would know what he got anyway, because he checks the online banking about 50 times a day. SIDE NOTE: money is not going to magically appear in the account just because you check it online! Anyway, that is all beside the point. I always hide my cash tips in the back of my wallet in a zipper pocket (probably not anymore, because Matthew will now know). I use the cash tips to buy something fun, most of the time for Marli. So, I had been saving for Matthew’s birthday so that I didn’t have to use the debit card. I was able to get MC’s pictures made and still have money left over to buy the Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses that he has been wanting (thanks to my mom). I was excited because I led him to believe that I didn’t get him anything due to lack of funds. I decided to just get a gift card for him from The Sunglass Hut so that he could choose the pair he wanted. They of course all look the exact same to me. Again, beside the point. Yesterday, we went to the mall for Matthew’s annual birthday trip with his grandmother, and he finally got his sunglasses. I definitely told him that he looks better than Brad Pitt in his, and he does. When he took his grandmother home, she went to the back of the house and returned holding a case in her hand. She told him that she remembered her husband (Matthew’s grandfather) owning a pair of Ray-Ban glasses too. The glasses look IDENTICAL to the ones he just bought, and the case hasn’t changed either. His grandfather had taken such good care of them, that it looked like they had never been worn. Matthew lost his grandfather not too long before he and I started dating. They had an incredible relationship, and he misses him very much. The two of them must have been more alike than I even knew. What a special pair of aviators! Needless to say, we are headed back to Sunglass Hut to return the overpriced glasses that we bought yesterday.


Lauren said...

Cool story!! Now you can use the money for some for you!! :)

As wrote by Lori Turner said...

Even though I knew the story, I still cried :-) Your right, he and daddy were more alike than anyone of us could ever have imagined and thats a GREAT thing, his Granddaddy would be very proud of him, his beautiful wife and his beautiful great granddaughter Miss Marli Claire!!!! I just know he is smiling down from heaven!!!