Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Random Rambling Tuesday - Life

I have recently been thinking about how my life has changed over the past few years. Even when I look at my "About Me" section of my Facebook profile, I wonder if I am on the wrong page. A few things that I apparently liked enough to add to my Facebook Interests at some point in my life include: designer jeans, great shoes, and tacky earrings. First of all, designer jeans, seriously? Now, I own one pair of jeans that fit and they are Mossimo from Target. This is actually a step up from the maternity jeans that I have secretly been wearing for the past two years. Secondly, I wear two pair of shoes, both black, that are falling apart. And third, I am good to walk out of the house with my clothes on, so earrings are hardly an accessory anymore.

Somehow, at some point, my life changed without me knowing. I think it may have had something to do with May 19, 2008, when MC was born. Things that I once thought were so important, just aren't important. Dreams that I once had for myself, are not even thought of. I guess priorities have finally shifted in to their appropriate place. I AM HAPPY! I am so happy with my simple life. Now, I am not saying that things couldn't be easier, or that I wouldn't LOVE nice things, but I am happy. For instance, my husband brought me home a "surprise" the other night. Keep in mind that we only buy necessities, so this is rare! It was so thoughtful, and just reminded me even more how much my life has changed for the better!

Oh yeah, you want to know what the surprise was, don't you? Well, here it is!

IZZE, one of my favorite drinks, and footies. I haven't been able to keep my feet warm lately, and I have this wierd thing about putting my feet into certain socks (definitely a future Random Rambling). What a thoughtful surprise, huh?

Tell me a little about how you have noticed your life change recently!


seahill said...

i feel like im turning into my mom.

thats change.


Andrea said...

Your post made me smile. Isn't it amazing how God can use our children to teach us that the smallest things are the most important? When Randy was laid off last January, I realized that many things that I thought were needs were really wants. God is so good to us. Sometimes, I wonder how He has the patience to deal with us.

I love hearing you ramble... I need to try it myself. :)