Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random Rambling Tuesday - Weight Loss

This was not my original post for today, but my life is consumed with weight loss, so I really couldn’t focus on anything else, literally. Losing weight stinks! If you look up losing weight in Delecta’s Thesaurus (yes, Sherri, I do know what a Thesaurus is!), this is what it would say:

losing weight – miserable, agonizing, torture, tragic, wretched, dreadful

Well, you get the point. So, here is my random rambling for the day. What are our reasons for being overweight? Mine?

Delecta’s Reason’s for being Overweight:

1. LOVE food
2. HATE exercise
3. Taking Prednisone (steroid) for the last 6 months
4. Having a baby (don’t ask how old she is!)
5. Because Monday never came.

So, the first two reasons are self explanatory. The third, well, I developed an allergy to hair color, which is really bad, when you are a HAIR STYLIST! (another day, another post) The fourth, I guess shouldn’t be an excuse anymore since she is almost two years old. I remember when she was 3 or 4 months old, and she looked like a newborn, how many great compliments I got for looking great for having a newborn. I also remember thinking (to myself of course); I wonder how long I can keep this up. I guess I figured that I could continue to tell people that I still was trying to lose baby weight, and pray they would not ask how old she was. So, on to reason five, I always said, and maybe you say this too, “I am going to get on track with my diet on Monday, so I better eat all I want for my last meals!” Well, Monday never came for me. For a while now, I’ve been trying to think of good reasons to just get FAT. I’ve tried for years to get Matthew fat, but it hasn’t worked yet, so having a fat husband isn’t going to work for me. I did find a pretty good reason yesterday. I was behind a truck with a bumper sticker that said:


Now, I did ponder explaining this one to Matthew. I personally believe this is a good answer. Anyway, Monday is here, and I have begun my journey. I joined Nutrition Solutions last week. It has been great, and I lost 7 pounds this week. Off to a good start and now since the whole world knows, you all can hold me accountable. If you see me in the McDonalds line, ask me what I am doing! My response may go something like this, “I, um, I, um, I’m just here getting MC a kid’s meal.” I AM LYING! I don’t allow her to eat that stuff. I have just realized how many ALL CAPS I have used in this post. It may be that I feel deprived of food, and it is causing me to speak in all caps.

So, I want to hear from you. Give me the best excuse you have ever heard for being overweight!


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Lauren H. Buczkowski said...

I have the perfect thing for you.. You and I are in the same boat... I hate exercise, I can't use the I just had a baby excuse, and I love food. I have started going to a boot camp it is 6 weeks and 129.00 you can go up to 5 times a week. I go on tuesday and thursday nights and some saturday mornings. Right now no one else comes on tues or thurs night so I am getting personal training for more then half the price of a personal trainer. It is open to anyone and the first session is free. It just really gets you motivated and it is all about getting the correct balance of eating enough and exercise... SO if you are interested let me know and I will give you the information. I am going this Sat. at 8:30am it lasts 1 hour. Also it is on Garlington road.. so its not too far from where you work.

Ches Youngblood said...

"Hewo" Aka "How old is your baby" lol