Saturday, November 26, 2011

DIY Personalized iPhone Cover

I had this awesome iphone cover recently that was the perfect combination of metallic gold and hot pink. Yes, some called me Diva, but that was obviously because they were jealous…right? Well, my cover cracked and wouldn’t stay on. I was without a cover for a couple of days when I was getting out of my car at Panera Bread and my phone slid out of my lap and on to the pavement. (Now, MC congratulates me for not dropping my phone every time we go to Panera!) It shattered into what had to be several bazillion pieces. Now, I am going to stop here and ask you a question…why do you think Apple would create a phone made of glass? Beats me! I remember when the guy was selling me on the iphone at the Verizon store, he mentioned that if I was clumsy, I should probably invest in the Otterbox. I took one look at that thing, and thought, “that looks like a Zach Morris phone, no thanks!” I already had my eyes set on a beautiful blinged out pink & gold case at the mall. Sure, it wasn’t great quality, but it was an eye-catcher!

Well, thankfully, Apple fixed my phone last week, and it is as good as new. Now, I needed a new case. When you want to find the best of anything where do you look, Pinterest, of course! I searched every page of Pinterest for the cutest iphone cover when I found a personalized cover. Anything personalized catches the eye of someone who never had anything personalized as a child. Have you ever seen a set of pencils or a key chain with, Delecta, on it? But, fifty-four dollars for a phone cover, you have got to be kidding me. I finally stumbled across a blog that mentioned a DIY personalized iphone cover. I took one look, and knew that was it! My sister and my nephew’s girlfriend helped us with our Christmas card photo this weekend, so as a little “thank you,” I made them one too. Here is what I did:

Step 1: Order a clear phone cover. (I got mine on Amazon for $1.99)

Step 2: Use the insert that comes in the case to figure out the paper size for your personalized insert.

Step 3: Create your insert using digital scrapbook paper, cute fonts, pics, etc. (I used a digital scrapbook paper from ETSY & my new favorite font!)

Step 4: Print & cut out your insert. (You will need to also cut out the hole for your camera/flash)

Step 5: Put it all together and BAM, it’s that easy!

This is mine. I put a verse, Psalm 19:14, on my cover as a gentle reminder as I use my phone to remember the Psalmist's words. 

"May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in you sight, LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer."

If you decide to create a phone cover of your own, I love to see it, so leave me a comment! :)


It's a Mom Thing said...

Super cool. But this gal and her Zachary Morris phone r going to play it safe.

Double Dees in SC said...

Oh, I LOVE that cover! See, I told you that you are ridiculously creative. I don't care if you saw it on Pinterest first - you re-created it. That's all that matters. I just love you....and am now following your blog...

alfred said...

There are many online sites that you can go to that will turn a photo or drawing into your very own personalized iPhone cover. This allows you to turn a photo of your kids or your dog into your iPhone cover. When you have a personalized photo on the cover, you won't lose it because you will be able to easily identify your phone if it is ever stolen.


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