Tuesday, March 9, 2010

2010 Collage - February

Marli Claire has changed so much in one month, which convinces me even more that I should document what has been going on in February. Let’s see…she loves to point her finger and say “NO,” she likes to put her finger up to her mouth to say, “shhh,” and throws her arms up to say, “I don’t know.” When I tell her to go sit with her daddy so I can get ready, she says, “Daddy at work.” Matthew can be right in front of her, and she would say that he was at work. She has recently become more attached to her paci, her Ellie (pink elephant), and her blanket. She enjoys fake crying, which is actually very entertaining. She is the friendliest child I’ve ever seen! She MAKES everyone around tell her hello and goodbye before moving on to the next group of people. She thinks she knows everyone, and that everyone should know her. This makes going in public extremely difficult. She is very clumsy, never watches where she is going, and runs into everything. In the past few weeks, she has had two black eyes, a gash above her nose and eye, and bruises galore. This also makes life in public difficult. Having to explain to everyone she speaks to what happened to her is draining. She talks incessantly, gives the slobberiest and best kisses, and is so persistent (aka strong-willed). I have no idea where she gets all of this from! She is so much fun, and I enjoy every second that I have with her.


W and Js mommy said...

beautiful and smart!! Love her!

Lauren H. Buczkowski said...

Where do you get her clothes?? They are always so stinking cute!! I hope I have a girl someday!!!
I am dying to come get my haircut but still don't have a job. I am going to ask Brad if I can use a little of our tax return.. So maybe I will be calling you soon.

Amanda said...

love that Marmi :)