Tuesday, March 30, 2010

R.R.T. - Girl Scouts

I have a bone to pick with those sweet little girl’s we call Girl Scouts. You think that they are sweet? Did you know that they are secretly sabotaging our diet plans? Huh, did you know that? Well, there you have it! The truth is the truth, and the truth will set you free! That is my message to all of you girl scouts out there!

You want proof, well, here’s your proof! Have you ever realized when they come out with their delicious cookies? March! Right when we’ve finally decided to change our lifestyle. Right when we’ve decided to get ready for bikini season. Ok, right when we realize that we will never be in a bikini again, but we don’t want to be confused with a large mammal while on the beach. Yep, that’s when they decide to march up to Walmart in their cute little outfits, set up their table, and entice me to buy their little bites of heaven.

This is a true story:

Plot: to sabotage my diet plan
Setting: Walmart in Tifton, GA

As my sister and I walk up to the table, we notice the handwritten sign hanging from the front. This is what it said:

ME: We will have one box of somoas.

GIRL SCOUT: We aint got no somoas.

ME: (thinking about telling her that she should actually say, “I’m sorry, we have sold out of Somoas.” Instead, I keep it to myself!) Well, we are here so I guess I will buy the Tagalongs.

As we are driving away, we notice the other table of girl’s at the opposite entrance of Walmart. Sherri literally screeches to a halt, I jump out, and run for the Somoas. So, now, we are in the car alone with two boxes of Girl Scout cookies. This is bad! REAL BAD! I will let you use your imagination as to how many were left when we got back to my mom’s house.

Now, here’s my random rambling for today, what do you think the strategy is to displaying these little bits of goodness in March? Why not November? In November, we are gearing up for holiday season. In November, it won’t even make a difference if we ate two boxes of cookies on the way home! Woops! In November, we aren’t really concerned with swimsuits or whales!

So, there you have it! Now, I want to hear from you! Do you think it is a conspiracy theory or what?


DeAnna said...

You are So funny!! I think this might be the only year that I didn't buy girl scout cookies. I would surely have downed 2 boxes of thin mint cookies before my children could even ask "may I have one?" :)

W and Js mommy said...

my favorite too....they call them caramel delights now....maybe that is why she said " they aint got none" :)

Anonymous said...

depending on where u live girl scout cookies are sold at different times. when i was a kid we sold them in december