Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Random Rambling Tuesday - DDDIY


As DIY (Do It Yourself) projects have grown in popularity, so has my interest in attempting them. I use the word “attempt”, simply because most of my projects haven’t come to completion. For some reason, I think I can do ANYTHING! I don’t mean “anything” in the sense of Phillipians 4:13 (I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.) I mean, stupid things!

For instance, Matthew and I used to live in The Lofts downtown. Picture a beautiful loft apartment, with 16 foot ceilings. Now picture me deciding one day after watching television that I wanted our kitchen table to be a different color. Not only did I want it a different color, I wanted it to be different color right then. So, without consulting my loving husband, I got an electric sander and went to work. I like to think of my projects as “surprises” for Matthew! I, of course, couldn’t get the kitchen table down eight flights of stairs, so I had to sand it in the loft. Did you know that when you sand something, dust flies? It really does! It even flies up to the top of those 16 foot ceilings I was describing to you earlier. As I get about half of the table sanded, I get really bored with it, so, I stopped. (Sidenote: My boredom is similar to my sister, Sherri, wanting to run the paintbrush up the wall once just so she can be the first one to see what it looks like, then the job becomes someone else’s.) If you were to lift the tablecloth today, you would see what used to be a gorgeous kitchen table. Do you think that I learned my lesson? NO! Just the other day, I decided again, that I could take on the task of painting the front door, shutters, and bottom bricks of the exterior of our house. If you were to drive by right now, you would notice that our front door looks AWESOME. As for the shutters and brick, they are still the original color.

Why do I do this? Why do I think that I can do a job that only people in that field should do? I have decided the title of this post will be DDDIY (Delecta Don’t Do It Yourself). I’m actually thinking of getting bracelets made. You know the ones like WWJD, only they will read DDDIY. Those letters will serve as a reminder of the kitchen table, and the exterior of our house.

Now, tell me, have you ever attempted a DIY? Give me details of your successes and your not so successful projects!


Corletta said...

Girl...you know I do not try things myself....for the same reason. This post seriously made me laugh. I can't wait to come over and lift that table cloth :)g

second breath said...

this post is the story of my life...I try to make Christmas presents every year to save money and b/c most of them look easy...I end up spending way more b/c the present didn't turn out right and i have to end up going out and buying them something. frustrating!:)

Parkison Family said...

I never do anything myself...why do it when you can persuade others to help! ha

amothersjourney said...

Oh my! So funny! Well, yes, I have to agree that I get grand ideas at times, and somehow, they never turn out like I planned. =) But, I'm still trying. Ha!