Thursday, March 11, 2010

Matthew & Jimmy - B.F.F.

We are sitting on my mom’s sofa in Tifton; Matthew gets a huge smile on his face, and asks, “Where is Plains, Georgia?” Why? Matthew had Googled Jimmy Carter, and found out that he teaches Sunday School in Plains. “Seriously?” I asked, “You seriously want to go to Plains, Georgia for Sunday School?” Oh, was he ever serious! Matthew immediately got on the phone with some Secret Service friends of his to find out more information. They made some calls, and got special seating in the church. I, of course, didn’t want to venture off to Plains, so Matthew coerced my nephew, Austin, to go on his great adventure. Let me say, IT WAS AN ADVENTURE! [Sidenote: I told Matthew that they wouldn’t let him get a picture with The Carter’s, but if for some reason they did, I would go when we came back down to visit my family. This comment was followed by me rolling my eyes.] They set off around 7:15 AM on Sunday, got there around 9:00 AM. When they pulled up in the parking lot, a German Shepherd searched the car. The car wasn’t the only thing searched either! When they made it to the door, THEY were searched. Neither of them had their driver’s license, which made them look “suspicious.” Matthew drove to Plains illegally. While being searched, they found a pocket knife on Austin. This made them look even more “suspicious.” They made him head back to the car with it. They FINALLY got seated and were given the rules. As they looked around the church, they saw many armed men seated around. The former President, Jimmy Carter, then came in and taught the lesson. Afterwards, to my surprise, Matthew and Austin were able to get a picture with Mr. Carter and his beautiful wife Rosalynn. [Sidenote: I’m going to Plains, Georgia when we visit my family again.] Now, I do know there have been some unusual comments made by Mr. Carter recently, but I also know that he is almost 86 years old, and he was still The President of our great nation at one time. Although meeting the former president doesn’t excite me enough to miss an incredible meal at Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse, it was a great experience for Austin and Matthew.


The Hudgins said...

that's hilarious.

It's a Mom Thing said...

Funny story! That would be crazy to have that level of protection at church EVERY Sunday. Although I respect President Carter and all that, he still is pretty whack. However, I would still frame that pic and put it on my desk...can you say Father's Day gift?!?!