Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2010 Collage - March

Yes, I do know that it is the middle of April! I took these photos when it was still chilly out in the middle of March, but hadn't put them together in the collage until now. Sorry!

I say this every month, but MC has completely changed since the last collage. She loves to sit in the refrigerator. She fake cries, even with the words, Boo Hoo, then says, "OK!" She has recently become more attached to "Ellie," her pink elephant that Gruff Gregg and Sweet Miriam gave her when she was born. She loves to be "mommy" to her dolls by rubbing their backs and kissing them. She loves to sing, and has the loudest voice of any child in the world! She says, "I miss you mommy." (even if I left the room for 1 second) I always reply, "I missed you too Marli Claire." Then she will say, "I know Mommy!" Her favorite food is Hummus and Pita Bread! Weird, I know! She loves to hide from us, and if we don't start looking for her, she will yell, "Where did Marli go?" She still giggles all day, and talks nonstop! She is still the love of our life, and I cannot imagine that will change by the April collage!


Parkison Family said...

She is so cute!

Corletta said...

I have said it before and I will say it again....Marli Claire is DEFINITELY her mother's child!!! Love updates...keep um coming! By the is your weight loss goin?

Corletta said...

Thank you ma'am! Happy late birthday to you too! 30?!?!? are now my goal! goal...Corletta to be a hott momma like Delecta....check! Delecta...get this, if I lose another 5 pounds, I have officially lost 60 pounds...HOLY MOLY! Thanks for the sweet comments, by the way :)