Tuesday, April 6, 2010

And the winner is . . .

It was neck and neck for a while, and it was a close one this year! The votes for the 2010 Easter Cake Challenge have been tallied, and the winner is . . .


Hippity Hop Hip Hop (Andy Youngblood) and The Spring Fling (Me!) have tied for first place.

The other contestants were amazing, and have already begun thinking of their cakes for next year!

Cake #1 - Hippity Hop Hip Hop (Andy Youngblood)

Cake #2 - One The Wings of Love (Ashli Fletcher)

Cake #3 - Beautiful Disaster (Austin Youngblood)

Cake #4 - Spongebunny (Amanda Dietrick)

Cake #5 - Squidbillies (Ches Youngblood)

Cake #6 - The Spring Fling (Delecta Rollins)

Cake #7 - YES WE CAN! (Matthew Rollins)

We had our own winner with at-home vote, and Matthew took the grand prize of the TJ Maxx gift card (a value of $11.77). Sidenote: The TJ Maxx gift card was the result of a return of two shirts.

[Check back this afternoon for Marli Claire's Easter pics!]


Corletta said...

I can not wait to see those Easter pictures! That little girl...I could just eat her up. Wait...that would cause me to gain weight...rewind :)

It's a Mom Thing said...

OMG! I'm late watching the videos and putting my vote in, but HOW COULD #7 NOT WIN??? I mean, seriously, Betty White and Frank Page. Matthew, BIG PROPS to you!!! I loved it.

The Hudgins said...

i love that a tj maxx card was the prize. sad i didnt get to vote. loved matthews 'yes we can' and your spring fling. those fiesty lil peeps. :)