Sunday, April 4, 2010

Vote - 2010 Easter Cake Challenge

We have started a new Easter tradition with my family, cake decorating. The best part is that none of us are cake decorators. The artists in our family weren't allowed to participate, and the cake decorator is serving our Lord in Namibia. With that said, you know that what you are about to see on the following videos is pure, raw, and natural talent!

What we want you to do is view all of the following cakes, and pick your favorite. The judging criteria is as follows:




The voting begins now, and will end at 11:59 PM on Monday, April 5, 2010. So, sign in and leave your comment to vote for your favorite cake!

Cake #1 - Hippity Hop Hip Hop

Cake #2 - On The Wings Of Love

Cake #3 - Beautiful Disaster

Cake #4 - SpongeBunny

Cake #5 - Squidbillies

Cake #6 - The Spring Fling

Cake #7 - Yes We Can!

[When the voting is over, check back to see the winner revealed! Also, check out the Full Length Cake Challenge Video from our Kitchen Stadium, including contestant interviews, tips, and more.]


Anonymous said...

#1 Hippity Hop Hip Hop gets my vote

Andrea said...

Squidbillies gets mine... also, I have to know how this tradition started...

Trent and Jaci said...

I vote Cake # to love the peeps! :)

Linda said...

Beautiful disaster gets my vote!

Donna said...

Squidbillies has my vote. Spring Fling came in a close 2nd, but I feel the difficulty criteria is what had Squidbillies swim a little higher. Thank you for the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Sponge Bunny

KLee said...

Oh Delecta! So funny! Love the music accompaniment! And FSP changed America! Love it!
But I have to go with Spring Fling. Fondant and Peeps. Maybe one day. :)

Anonymous said...

The culinary skills exhibited in Hippity Hop Hip Hop are just amazing! This cake certainly earns my vote!

W and Js mommy said...

can I be in your family??? funny!

second breath said...

ha! Matthew's is hilarious! Such a cool tradition!:)