Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 14 - Don't mess with Jimmy!

When MC found Jimmy stuck in the paper towels, she said, "What in the...mommy, what's the word I can say?" She learned the word, "heck," at school. That world sounds so terrible coming from a 3 year old's mouth, so I don't let her use it. Then she remembered, "What in the world is Jimmy doing in the paper towels?" I love how funny she is when she finds him!

 I found Jimmy hustling money from an innocent baby bear tonight. Ridiculous! Don't let that creepy little smirk on that elf's face fool you...

MC has been having nightmares lately. I don't really know what's going on. A few nights ago, I had to kill an invisible spider. You'll do what you have to do at 3:00 AM to get back to sleep as quickly as possible! Well, Jimmy took it upon himself to "protect" MC from any invisible attackers. With shotgun in hand, Jimmy perched himself on top of MC's bed to take watch. (For those momma's who are thinking that I am a terrible mom for letting MC see Jimmy with a shotgun...I'm crazy, but not that crazy! Jimmy moved before MC woke up.)

We'll see you back here tomorrow night...or else!


scarletsfire said...
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scarletsfire said...

Where do you find all your minitures? Doughnuts, guns, dice, lights. Gotta love it!