Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 7 - Jimmy got a "hankering!"

It seems that while Jimmy went to report back to Santa last night, he made a pit stop at the Elf House Dunkin Donuts. Apparently, it's a lot like the Chickfila Dwarf House? He brought back a few donuts to enjoy with his coffee while doing his elfly duties today.  

MC was none too happy when she found Jimmy with the donuts and coffee today. She told me that he wasn't even supposed to have coffee because he wasn't "old enough!" I guess that no one thought the donut thing it a surprise that a three year old child pitched a fit when she found him with donuts but she had none? (Note to self: Remember not to do sweets next year unless he brings some back for her!)

You may think that Jimmy had a "mild" day when it came to his behavior, but you can think again! We found him hitting on "Marka," (Matthew's Grandmother) He made her a paper flower bouquet to woo her, and it just might have worked. I do see a pretty big smile...  I'm assuming that after the Spin The Bottle incident last night, that he had to move on away from our house to find himself a new "lady friend."  Unbelievable Jimmy! 

I'm afraid that Jimmy might still have quite a few tricks up his sleeve, so come back here tomorrow to find out a few.

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