Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 6 - Snacks, Spa, & Spin (and I don't bicycle)

When MC found Jimmy devouring her Christmas cookies, she almost cried...seriously! She had the saddest look on her face then said, "it's ok mommy, I will share with him." I don't know if she is just that sweet, or if she was afraid he would report her to Santa. I'd like to the believe the first! Cookies are not the only thing Jimmy got himself in to today...keep scrolling!

After picking MC up from school, we found him creating a home spa with all of my AVEDA products! He used the last of my Dry Remedy Conditioning Treatment, and made a mess with my Hydrating Masque. This elf is unbelievable! 

You would think, after all of the hearts he has broken in the last week that Jimmy wouldn't have a chance, but these girl don't learn. I had a talk with each of them, but later found them playing, "Spin the Bottle" with him. I'm disappointed in them all, and I'm almost to the point of calling Dr. Phil. He may be the only hope!

Join us right back here tomorrow evening, and we'll see where he goes next!

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