Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 10 - Road Trip!!!

Today was the day that Jimmy had been waiting for...a road trip to MC's "hometown!" (It drives Matthew crazy for me to say that! :) Anyway, Jimmy studied the map very closely so that he could get here before we arrived. Before we left our house, MC went from room to room looking for Jimmy, but couldn't find him anywhere. I assured her that he was already on his way to Georgia.

Jimmy hopped on his Harley, and road in to town right before we got here. We just assumed that he flew. Who knew that he would drive a Harley?  It definitely fits his, "ladies man," attitude!

When we got to Nunny's house, the first thing MC wanted to do was look for Jimmy. She started searching high and low, and eventually found him in Nunny's Christmas tree. He had his arm around, what looked to be a girl. He said, "don't freak out, it's just an ornament!" I told him that he was playing with fire. He is going to end up in a mess again. If he thought being tied up with lights was bad, he has no idea! You don't mess with South Georgia girls!

I cannot imagine what kind of trouble he's going to cause in Georgia!

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