Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 17 - Settling Down

 Jimmy perched himself up on to MC's baby picture. I guess he just needed to be held? On a side note...isn't that a beautiful baby? (and a beautiful manly arm too!)
When we went to our friend's house tonight for a dinner date, we found Jimmy hanging out with their elf, Jingle. The resemblance is uncanny! MC was a tad confused with the similarities. They were just hanging out at The Hodges Home with the shepherds, wise men, a few animals, and baby Jesus.  You know, just a typical Tuesday night! 

He couldn't leave without a little snuggle time with Levi!

Many of you have been asking about Jimmy's dating situation since he got himself in a heap of trouble with the ladies of our house.  He has decided to settle down, and he chose none other than Ellie to settle down with.  I, personally, cannot think of a better match for him. Honestly, I can't believe that he got her to settle down!  I wonder how long this will last.

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